Keeping Chickens Newsletter July 2011 Vol. 1

Brooder Invention and a New Coop


Michelle Dickens : Our invention of a brooder. We used a large rabbit cage and put it in the bathtub (we have a shower that is separate and no one ever actually uses the tub)

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Damaged Wing


Rosemarie : Hi Gina, As usual your newsletter is terrific! I don't know if this is interesting but something happened to me that may help someone else. If I knew of this possibility beforehand I

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Tips for Cooling Down in Hot Weather


Cheves : Thank you for the newsletter. I've passed it on to several other people in the lowcountry. One thing some of my hens like is a shallow water dish (about 12in by 12in) in

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Moveable Chicken Coop


Steve : Attached are some photos of my peepers who are now teenagers. Also their coop which has small doors on either side to get easy access to their eggs, and a large door

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Getting youngsters to roost


J. Johnson : I was having a problem with a new generation of 6 pullets that didn't want to get on the roost with the older hens. They kept crowding into my nest boxes and

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Little Bantam Rooster


Pennie : I really love the news letters. I have learned a lot from you and other peoples posts. This is my little bantam rooster. He loves the camera. Unfortunately, the chicks I got are

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When Chickens Moult


Dawn : I have been meaning to write to you for ages and send photos of my coop but just haven't. I enjoy your newsletter very much. I have a question, though. When do chickens

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Summer Shade


Ann-Marie Smith : Hello Gina, thanks for your latest newsletter! Most of your entries seem to be from the US, so I thought I would send you an item from Christchurch, New Zealand. We have

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New Chicken Coop Built After Racoons Broke Into Old One


Fred Berg : This is the old coop, you can see the hole where the racoons got in and ate them up. They won't get in to my new one that easy. I am getting

New Chicken Coop Built After Racoons Broke Into Old One2017-07-18T23:04:59+00:00

A Long Island Chicken Story


Pilar : Hi, My name is Pilar Stevens, we live on Long Island, NY and this is our chicken story. I have wanted chickens for about 3 years but hubby always promised to start working

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