A Long Island Chicken Story

Pilar : Hi, My name is Pilar Stevens, we live on Long Island, NY and this is our chicken story.

I have wanted chickens for about 3 years but hubby always promised to start working on the coop next week. The children and I volunteer at a local community farm and for Easter they were having a spring fair with and egg hunt and chicks for the kids to pet. Mrs. Degenhardt commented that she had no one to take the chicks after the fair…can you see what happened next? Yes, I volunteered to take the chicks home with me at the end of the day, now to call my husband and break the news. We brought them home in a cardboard box with no clue as to what we were doing.

To my surprise, hubby really took to the chicks and actually petted them. The kids and I were elated that we could keep them but knew that it would take a long time for him to be build the coop (no, he would not buy one). A couple of weeks later he settled on the design he like the most (an all-in-one) and set out to build it. To make a long story short, the chicks lived in my kitchen for 6 weeks while he worked on the coop but to my surprise he did a wonderful job. We still don’t know what breeds we have but it does not matter. Everyone, hubby included is happy to have them.

Thank you for your newsletter, as newbies to the joys of chickens, we need all the help and advice we can get!

man sitting holding a chicken

Hubby (Cary) with Speckle

young boy sitting holding a pet chicken

Isaac and Marmalade


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