Damaged Wing

Rosemarie : Hi Gina, As usual your newsletter is terrific! I don’t know if this is interesting but something happened to me that may help someone else. If I knew of this possibility beforehand I might not have gotten so upset.

Somehow a few months ago a groundhog must have slipped into and hid in my coop before I closed the door. A few hours later about 2:00 AM I heard a very loud commotion, my girls were screaming like someone was killing them. I could not understand what was going on since I knew I shut their door tight. Armed only with my flashlight, I do not go near the coop when there might be a dangerous critter inside, I shown the light on the nest box and suddenly the groundhog pushed his way out of the top and ran away. I know groundhogs are not meat eaters, or he would have eaten my girls, but he did scare them so much that one emerged with what I thought was a broken wing. She is not the friendly one so she would not let me catch her without causing more pain so I just let her be. Her wing was hanging on the ground and I actually thought of culling her.

I am glad I waited. About 6 weeks later I noticed her wing was not dragging, then a few days later I caught her “FLY” from the top step and she was using her both wings to do it. She now is fine: no sign of a broken wing, I was sure it was broken but she healed perfectly now and looks totally normal.


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