Tips for Cooling Down in Hot Weather

Cheves : Thank you for the newsletter. I’ve passed it on to several other people in the lowcountry. One thing some of my hens like is a shallow water dish (about 12in by 12in) in which they stand when it is hot. It was intended as an extra water source and they do drink out of it, but I’ve also seen several of them simply standing in it when it’s hot – it’s been over 90 for some time and over 100 degrees for several days at one point.

I don’t have a way to take a photo, but my chicken yard now also has a peahen in it – I looked up one afternoon while working in my garden while the chickens were in the big yard and there she was. I managed to get her into the chicken yard and she seems content – she roosts on top of one of the coops and eats the rooster mix and pellets and the hens and Alexander now ignore her. No one knows where she came from and I don’t want to let her out of the chicken yard because my dogs or the neighborhood dogs might get her. Thank you, again, for the good information and photographs. Cheves

Joy : In reply to a readers question about ways to help chickens cool down in hot weather, I found giving them frozen figs (the excess off my tree) to peck at helped and they devoured the lot so I keep a bag on the go in my freezer for just giving to the chickens. I would imagine frozen tomatoes would be just as good if you ever have a glut of those to freeze and do the same. Hope this is helps. Joy. New Zealand


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