New Chicken Coop Built After Racoons Broke Into Old One

Fred Berg : This is the old coop, you can see the hole where the racoons got in and ate them up.

chicken tractor broken into by racoons

They won’t get in to my new one that easy. I am getting six white leghorns which will be laying in Sept. It needs a coat of stain like the garage wall or solid stain. The labor keeping this one is going to be nothing compared to my old chicken coop. There’s water and elec. right were this one sits.

side view

That big open space to the right of the door will be screened in with heavy screen this time. And shutters for the winter or a big flip down hinged piece of plywood but it won’t be closed till its 10 below or a howling gale in winter.

door opening

It’s four feet wide and 12 feet long. According to the chicken book I can have 10 or 12 chickens in there. The door I made today – just have to hinge it then plywood over. I will be able to close and open the chicken door from our back door when I’m finished. It will be weighted with a box on the inside with a cannon ball in it. It will be framed in with 2×4 and will be like a mini elevator and shaft. No coon will be able to budge it.

cleaning access

This is my poop clean out door (outside and inside views). The poop door lid will be screwed tight on the inside. You will need a power screw driver to take it off but you only have to do it twice a year when you clean and replace pine shavings. I’ll cover all the cracks later.


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