Summer Shade

hen looking at feijoa treeAnn-Marie Smith : Hello Gina, thanks for your latest newsletter! Most of your entries seem to be from the US, so I thought I would send you an item from Christchurch, New Zealand.

We have had 3 brown shavers which are about one year old now. They have continued to produce three eggs per day faithfully even through our recent devastating earthquakes and continuing aftershocks, and are a real comfort in that the simple pleasures of life continue when so much of our city is destroyed. My son was recently given a feijoa tree as a 21st birthday gift, we have planted it in the centre of our coop to grow to give our chooks shade in the summer, so far they have not pecked at it at all, so we are hopeful that it will be a great success with pavers placed around it’s trunk to protect it’s roots from cultivation!
Kind regards, Ann-Marie Smith


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