Attack Rooster, Chicken Rescue and Rockacaunas

John : Hello, Gina, Thanks for the latest newsletter. I especially enjoyed the cartoon of Atilla the Hen. It reminded me of an experience I had recently at the SPCA shelter where I work on Mondays. We have a fine-looking rooster who is very aggressive. When I stepped into his cage to feed him yesterday, he flew at me and tried to attack me with his spurs. I put the watering-can between us, and he attacked that as well! I managed to give him a generous helping of chicken food and while he was distracted with that, I escaped.

Sally : Thank you so much. I really enjoy your new format. I have spent a lot of time just reading the different stories. I especially am glad that the chicken rescue story was reported. Something similar happened here in the States, but with about half that number of chickens. I applaud the person who lived near the lorry crash and went to the rescue of so many chickens needing help. Sally Smith

Ralph : Last spring my Plymouth Barred Rock Rooster fathered chicks from my Americauna hens. What I got were really pretty light gold & brown spotted hens that have now started laying olive colored eggs. When someone asks what kind of hens they are I tell them they are “Rockacaunas” ! Ralph Heinrich


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  1. Carl Fishburne December 7, 2017 at 1:38 am

    I have a three legged rooster. Hatched may 11, ’17. The third drumstick has toes and does not hamper feeding and roosting. Gets along well with others. Customers didn’t think it was cute. Didn’t come back for layers. It derived from ISA Browns and RIR cross. Gene pool has issues, I suppose. How rare is this? I hate putting down an animal I can’t eat. Can’t kill him cause he’s strange. What to do. What to do.

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