Some Findings Made In Regards To Bumble Foot

Margaret : Hi there, I wanted to share some findings that I have made in regards to bumble foot. I have a lovely leghorn hen, Matilda that developed a horrible case of bumble foot. These pictures have been taken about 3 weeks after I started doing this with her and changing out the tea bag a few times a week.

sweet dreams tea and chicken foot

It started with a knot on the bottom of her foot and then spread in between her toes with blister looking inflammation. Also on the outside of her foot, so she had 3 big bumps of it on this one foot. I have included pictures of her foot, but it is 3 times better than it was.

I had a friend use a chamomile tea poultice on me one time to heal an infection so with that in mind I used the tea bag that is shown in the pictures and put some holes in an old sock so I could put her toes through it and put the tea bag contents around the inflamed areas of her foot. The chamomile is very good for infection and so is the peppermint and spearmint. I just soaked the tea bag for a couple of minutes and put the whole teabag contents on her foot. I would change it every other day. I just used some older socks but I think baby socks may work better for size. To my relief, her imflammation began to subside. I wanted to share this in case someone else was having trouble with bumble foot.

foot much improved
Foot after an additional month

leghorn roosterI lost a hen who had bumble foot once so I’m very happy that my crazy idea has worked with this hen and thought I would share it.

I have included a picture of her mate who is just a proud leghorn rooster. He is just strutting his stuff.



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  1. Thomas Nottingham December 7, 2017 at 7:38 am

    I had a couple of hens with a much earlier diagnosis of Bumblefoot. Having watched footage of owner surgery I didn’t fancy trying that but I did discover that soaking the foot in warm, Epson salt solution for about 15 – 20 minutes softened the infected area sufficiently to allow the infection to be squeezed out. We then applied “Savlon” spray to the wound, dressed the feet and used vet wrap to keep the dressing on. This proved effective for us, although one of the hens repeatedly pecked at the vet wrap and had to be re-dressed daily until she got fed up with being caught. The hens were relatively calm throughout the operation and immediately fed afterwards, so they appeared to be in no distress, apart from the dressing on the foot.

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