Chicken Caravan

school farms poultry

Steve : The school year here at Carinya Christian School-Tamworth NSW is coming to an end. What a year for the school farms poultry systems. In addition to the normal course of raising 100 day old Isa Brown chics for the students layer enterprise study, and growing out 30 broiler chics for a 10 day protein ration growth trial for Senior Agriculture students, a Year 8 Design and Technology class got busy designing and fabricating a ‘chicken caravan’ out of an old box trailer. The rational was centered around a solution to improve the soil in a native vegetation paddock. It needed to be predator secure day and night and include a self-sufficient water system. A 50 meter electric mesh fence and a select time auto door has kept the hens safe and happy.

chicken caravan

I hope these images help to get a picture of what the students have achieved. I am happy to give any ideas or advice for interested readers. More photos and videos of caravan in operation by request. Happy Christmas and enjoy chickens.

Steve Nott – Agriculture Teacher


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  1. Naomi December 10, 2017 at 8:55 pm

    I have 2 gorgeous isa browns

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