Keeping Chickens Newsletter October 2017

Making A Supplement More Appetizing


Louise : Here is a quick tip I thought might help someone else. I wanted to give my chickens a ‘tasty’ herbal supplement – unfortunately their view of tasty was not the same as the

Making A Supplement More Appetizing2017-11-18T23:53:24+00:00

Fall Birds


Sophie : We are about a month into our new business venture - well if you can call raising meat chickens that. I am not sure that we will make enough money on them to

Fall Birds2017-11-18T23:53:24+00:00

Automatic Chicken Door HOWTO by Adam Monsen


This is the story of four chickens who meet a hungry little furball and quickly become a flock of one. This is the story of ... The Chicken Who Lived.

Automatic Chicken Door HOWTO by Adam Monsen2017-11-18T23:53:24+00:00

Keeping Guineas and Chickens Together


Sue : Hi Gina, I have been given 4 guinea fowl chicks but I think one of them is a chicken, I already sent a message to you but I'm emailing so I can attach

Keeping Guineas and Chickens Together2017-11-18T23:53:24+00:00