Making A Supplement More Appetizing

Louise : Here is a quick tip I thought might help someone else. I wanted to give my chickens a ‘tasty’ herbal supplement – unfortunately their view of tasty was not the same as the manufacturers and they refused point blank to eat any of it. So to avoid it being a complete waste of money I broke up some bread into tiny pieces, mixed the herbal supplement into it and then added a spoonful of peanut butter. It was a sticky mess, but I managed to mix it all together and roll it into small balls (smaller than a grape) and the chickens loved them – very messy but worth it. I am sure peanut butter and bread are not ideal foods for chickens due to the salt content but my girls definitely enjoyed their little treat 🙂

Pete : Hi Gina, Thanks for the newsletter. We are still loving everything about our flock and are even considering adding a few more next spring. The older girls have started to slack off laying. This is because of the shorter and cooler days now. We don’t mind, they have earned their rest. God has created them to only lay eggs during the time of the year when their chicks would most easily survive. So we are getting fewer eggs but still about a dozen or more a day.


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  1. Curt November 20, 2017 at 3:01 am

    Hi. Just a comment on your chicken laying effort. You will need a light on a timer as they need a minimum of 14 hours of light per day. Without added light your production will move closer to 0. The reason for the timer is to give them some darkness. Temperature doesn’t affect them as much but I feel sorry for them and put in a heat lamp if temperature gets down to 0 or below. Hopefully this helps. Curt

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