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Will Roosters Fight

Carol : I have question about roosters. I have a rooster who's 9 years old. He's a good boy, protective of the hens and always clucks for them

Baby Chick Photos

Barbara : I'm sending a couple of pictures of my baby chicks, one rainbow, which I think might be a Silver Laced Wyandotte or Plymouth Rock Bar.

Keeping Americaunas

Jacqueline : Hi, I read with interest the statement that Americaunas only lay eggs for one year. I have raised Americaunas for 8 years and they turned

Hen with Swollen Feet

Gary : Okay, one of our hens has swollen FEET!!! it is not bumblefoot, as there is no sore (she has been well washed and searched)... BOTH feet

Beehive in the Chicken Yard

Christina : Some time back a reader said she was happy to put a beehive in her chicken yard, as this would keep the hive from getting wax

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