Fred’s Varmint Trap – How To Make A Live Trap

Fred’s Varmint Trap – How To Make A Live Trap2017-03-15T23:03:32+00:00

large dog standing in live trap

After the above photo of Freds varmint trap appeared in last months keeping chickens newsletter I received several requests for building instructions which Fred has very kindly given (download below).

instructions for building live trap

To download, point your mouse over the above image and press the right mouse button (or alt and left click if on a mac). Select ‘save target as’ (or similar worded option) and save to your computer.

You might also find these tips for detecting and deterring predators useful which were given by newsletter subscriber Jackie from her experiences with chicken snakes, rats, raccoons, coyotes, chicken hawks, wild bobcats, and abandoned dogs.