New Chicken Coop Built After Racoons Broke Into Old One


Fred Berg : This is the old coop, you can see the hole where the racoons got in and ate them up. They won't get in to my new one that easy. I am getting

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A Long Island Chicken Story


Pilar : Hi, My name is Pilar Stevens, we live on Long Island, NY and this is our chicken story. I have wanted chickens for about 3 years but hubby always promised to start working

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Red Chicken House


Thanks to Jamie and Julia for these coop photos - home to 1 silkie rooster and 4 silkie hens and 2 pekin ducks!

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Cottage Style Chicken Coop


Thanks to Sandie Poeschel Gonzales for these photos of her coop - "Here are a few picures of my coop, nothing but the best for my hens. All detail work is handmade!"

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Gypsy Wagon Coop


Thanks to Carol Akins for these photos of her 'gypsy wagon' coop. "I built my 'Coop' last year. It's requirements was that it could be moved from the place I was building it to my

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Thanks to Isa Menzies for this detailed account of her Journey to CHOOKTOPIA :-) "After moving to a quarter-acre block in Canberra's Ainslie, I decided it was time to realise my dream of having chooks.


Poultry Ark


Side view with our 4 Black Astralorpe hens. Thanks to Micah and Vonda Dunn for these photos and details of their coop. "We finally got our new coop built a couple of months ago. As

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Backyard Coop Photos


Thanks to DJ Ike Brunt for these photos of his newly built chicken coop. The Opening Ceremony (?) :-)

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Coop built around trees


Thanks to Mike Breder for these photos of his coop. "One of our girls is finally laying and she has layed 20 eggs...almost 1 every day for the last few weeks. We're still waiting for

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Large Wooden Coop


Thanks to Jerry Sentes for this selection of photos of the chicken coop he recently built.

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