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Hard To Peel Hard Boiled Eggs


Allison : Hi Gina. Being new to keeping chickens I have a lot to learn. I have had two girls for around six weeks now, both are laying, one starting a week after the other.

Method for Sexing Chicks


Ann : I enjoy reading your newsletter. I'm new at raising chicken, although my mother had chickens when I was a child. I have three buff orpingtons and two black sex-links. I decided I wanted

Have a back up plan for losing power


Margaret : Any one have good back up plans for when you lose power? It's happened to us frequently so I thought I would put it out there. I finally got a battery charger so

The Dangers Of Heat Lamps


Kristi : I've enjoyed reading your newsletter and seeing the great stories, tips, and photos your readers share. I have a tragic story that I want to share with your readers in hopes that it