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Peeling Hard Boiled Eggs


By Christina Raving It never fails. A person is new to keeping backyard chickens with their daily laid eggs. They love hard boiled eggs, and just know that the freshest eggs will taste so much

Chicken Diet Supplements


Rin : Happy healthy chickens! We treat our girls and two boys (who've lived together since they were chicks - they don't fight each other and actually are quite close ❤️) to diet supplements of

Method for Sexing Chicks


Ann : I enjoy reading your newsletter. I'm new at raising chicken, although my mother had chickens when I was a child. I have three buff orpingtons and two black sex-links. I decided I wanted

Have a back up plan for losing power


Margaret : Any one have good back up plans for when you lose power? It's happened to us frequently so I thought I would put it out there. I finally got a battery charger so

The Dangers Of Heat Lamps


Kristi : I've enjoyed reading your newsletter and seeing the great stories, tips, and photos your readers share. I have a tragic story that I want to share with your readers in hopes that it