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May 2015

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Louise : I came across a site the other day on google in which they were discussing making your own calcium for human consumption but it would probably work okay for chooks as well.  They suggested using clean egg shells from organically grown chooks.  These you dry properly and then grind to a fine powder using a coffee grinder as apparently they work best.  You could experiment with other products.  This is then stored in an air tight container and a half teaspoon used twice daily for adults.  This would make a cheaper calcium additive for your chooks and as the egg shells are ground up and added to the mash etc, the chooks shouldn’t be tempted to start eating their eggs.  One egg shell is supposed to be the equivalent of a teaspoon but I guess it would depend on the size of the actual egg.

To Christine who said that she was using dog food instead to avoid antibiotics.  I don’t know what country she lives in but if it is the US, then the corn would be GMO and so strictly not organic.  In fact quite harmful to human health if eating constantly.  Fortunately, here in Australia we don’t have that problem either, so that is two things to be thankful for.

Helen : Here is a photo of the finish chicken coop and lot for my new girls. Which I'm getting on May 23rd


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