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May 2015

She still hasn't laid and now seems to be taking on a cockerel's characteristics.  There are 3 of the chickens that she likes to grab at the back of the neck and climb onto their backs that they're not at all keen.  She also remains quite separate when they're out of the run almost as if she's standing guard and is now even practicing crowing.

I sent a picture to a Gold Laced Orpington breeder and he's convinced she/he's a cockerel and sadly she's making life pretty miserable for Amber my Buff Sussex who tends to be the target for her amorous intentions so I'm taking her back to the breeder who has told me they're difficult to sex.

Other people's views and experiences would be much appreciated. I will be sad to lose her but don't feel there's any other option.  I would, however, be interested in other views if you're able to post my letter in your newsletter. Kind regards, Carole (Ayling)

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