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September 2011 Vol. 2

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September 2011
Vol. 2

Jane : Hi Gina I am worried about my chicken Dathy she is losing her feathers and has stopped laying !! She used to lay nearly every day now we have not had an egg for 4 weeks. She is eating well and no signs of being broody.

Also can you tell me how often pekins get broody - my little brown is broody nearly all the time. She went 60 days the first time till I took her away from the group for a couple off days then she was ok when 2 wks later she was sitting on an egg as soon as she got the chance. Anyone got any tips for my broody lady and poor Dathy who is molting. Thanks Jane Shotley

My Reply : Some breeds are naturally more broody than others but even within a certain breed there can be individuals who will be more broody than the other members of

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