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September 2011 Vol. 2

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September 2011
Vol. 2

the flock and it sounds as though your little brown is one of those. There are some general tips to help stop a broody on the blog here :
If you can't stop her being broody, but also don't want chicks then another option may be to rehome her with someone who does particularly want a broody hen to hatch their own eggs. With Dathy currently molting that is likely to be the reason for the lack of eggs from her. A poultry vitamin/nutrient supplement (or perhaps something like a regular treat of black oil sunflower seeds) may help give her a little boost whilst she is using her resources to regrow feathers which might help speed things up a little.

Tina : I don't know if any readers can help and tell me what breed of chicken I have? The reason I do not know the breed is that my cat caught it as a very young chick, which we saved, and nursed it back to health. We have now had the chicken for four months now. I was hoping that it was a hen but sadly he is a cockerel! He rules our garden by pecking us. We only have him on his own at the mo, but I am thinking about getting him a companion.

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