Does a chicken coop need windows?

Tony : hi I’m still in the process of finishing off the run then bring on the chickens. My coop has no windows in it is this OK?

My Reply : Chickens quite like dark secluded areas for their nesting areas so not having a window is not necessarily a problem. A lot of coops (especially small ones) don’t have any windows. With large walk-in coops in particular, windows can be quite nice to allow some extra light and air in whenever the weather is good and can also make it a bit more pleasant for you when working in there.

Either way, there should be ventilation in the coop (but no drafts). If there isn’t already ventilation provided in the coop then cutting holes or small window shapes into the walls of the coop can be one way of providing some (and would also allow a little light in). Small holed hardware cloth nailed to the inside of the coop to cover them should prevent anything using the ventilation holes as an entrance. Overall, light is important for your chickens so if it is a larger coop and they are in it a lot it would be better for them if it did have some extra natural light. If they are out and about for most of the day and only in there when laying an egg or roosting, having a window won’t really make too much difference to them (and they probably will be getting some light in from their entrance and the bits of ventilation etc.)


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  1. Christine Sylvester April 11, 2017 at 4:24 pm

    My coop is a converted shed, so I have two tiers of roost bars and nest boxes for the girls to choose from. I moved them in from a small coop with no windows, but I thought that the windows in the shed would be great for airing when the weather was fine. However, from day one they went in and chose their roost. “Great” I thought, but after about an hour they were still milling around and arguing amongst themselves until finally quiet reigned and they fell asleep. Next morning they were restless and calling to be let out at a much earlier time than usual, fights were breaking out and some of the lower ranking girls were having a rough time of it. This went on for a few days. I decided that it was because the windows were causing it to be lighter in the coop later in the evening and earlier in the morning than usual. I decided not to alter the time the door opened and closed because then they would be out at “Fox o’clock”, so the windows had to go, I covered each pane carefully with thick black plastic until not a beam of light could be seen, then waited for them to retire at their usual time…It was an instant success, they all filed in and settled down straight away, and we have not had a restless night since. So I would say that if you want your girls to get a good nights’ rest cover those windows.

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