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October 2011 Vol. 1

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October 2011
Vol. 1

Jan : To respond to the fellow chicken lover about dogs, I have a horrifying experience to relate. All I can say at the start, is that having a GREAT rooster is a benefit. I had sent the newsletter pictures of my Silver Wyandotte Rooster "Charley" previously. Last Saturday we had a dog attack on my flock. They are free range as my pictures have shown. I was home, but in the basement and didn't hear a thing. I walked into the basement (my sewing room) and about an hour later, I went to check the flock. I was stunned to find a dead hen outside my door. I couldn't imagine what happened to her.....then I noticed TWO dogs going up my driveway. Panic set in. I started looking for the flock...No luck. I was terribly upset and got in my Kabota 4x4 and started hunting for them. Finally, a few straggled back and after an hour, Charley brought most of the flock home. He must have put us a valiant fight. All his tail feathers were yanked out and he has bite marks on his thigh. I counted heads and found two more missing. I thought three were gone, but when I went to feed the horses, two came out from under the tack room. Very injured. One limps badly and the other limps, has no tail feathers and when I treated her, found injuries sustained all along her back. Charley must have tried to save his girls, and succeeded in saving twenty and losing just one. I am very proud of him!! Tomorrow will be a week, and the are still alive and I haven't detected any infection. All this because of an inconsiderate neighbor and her dogs. Now I sit outside with the three 10 week old chicks and a shotgun when I let them out for their forage time. Just to let everyone know to be on their guard ALL the time. I also bought two baby monitors and have one in the house and one in the basement. Peace of mind... sort of (We have coyote, fox and hawks, who would have thought dogs!) Jan in Mossy Head, FL

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