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October 2011 Vol. 1

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October 2011
Vol. 1

GM : We are so proud of our first six chicks. Three are still hiding under Mama in the pictures. My husband dumped Mama's first clutch, telling me he thought the eggs were "rotten". He is not a country boy! She went right back to work, laid a new clutch, and I told him, "Don't you dare disturb her again." A few weeks later, the little ones began to peek out from under her. She was very protective. I guess she learned that lesson the first time. Mama is so smart. Although we have constructed hiding places for them, she takes them to the area of the fenced-in yard where bushes and small trees protect them from hawks. There she teaches "Scratching 101" and "Bug Pecking 102" and "Come Hide When I Say So 103". They are adorable, and one or two are big enough to jump onto the roost pole at night now. Winter is coming , so we put up the infrared lamp the other night when it dropped to frost levels. Proud Molkenthins of Indiana

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