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October 2011 Vol. 1

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October 2011
Vol. 1

Cascade Heights : We raised chickens for 22 years on a small farm property (ten acres, 3 open & 7 wooded) in the Berkshire hills of Massachusetts. Started with two chicks and a tiny pen and in the process of building a beautiful barn to house a horse, added an 8 x12 coop on one side with fencing - the coop was large enough for a small entry way to keep the metal feed containers out of the weather with sliders into the coop. We eventually kept 40-50 birds with occasional meat birds and of course a few turkeys pre-Thanksgiving holidays. Fortunately for us there was a home business a few miles down to process the turkeys around the holidays - we of course slaughtered and processed the meat chickens ourselves.

Fast forward to 2008 when we found ourselves shocked in an unanticipated move to California - we sold the farm, the horse, divested ourselves of the chickens (and our now dim memories of shoveling snow constantly to care for them in winter, breaking ice on frozen water, etc.), closed our organic egg business and headed across the country with two dogs, a potted aloe and a cactus plant! After several months of hunting, we found a foreclosed property (CA is still too expensive to buy the "perfect home" even during the biggest real estate slump in recent history) and have been fixing it up since 2009. It is in the middle of Oakland, happily has a back yard and room for YES, you guessed it - city chickens! It took a while to find someone to put up a decent coop (pictured in process - it has nesting boxes and is completely roofed and enclosed to protect from varmints (racoons as large as pit bulls) and to keep the hens from wandering the neighborhood). We have six laying hens, 4 bantam hens and one bantie rooster (Fritz) who will remain until someone complains about the crowing - roosters not allowed here unfortunately. He's a cutie - Old English Gamebird bantam - the full size hens are Delawares and Jersey Giants.

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