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October 2011 Vol. 1

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October 2011
Vol. 1

Dorothy : Gina: thanks for your newsletter. These pictures are of my husband, Marion, and our chickens begging for treats. Every morning, he lets them out into the larger run to play and scratch while he reads the newspaper ("Keeping them informed of the news," he says). The pictures show how the ladies search and beg for their treats, even pulling the container from inside his shirt.

We have 9 totally spoiled hens! They love treats of vegetables, fruits, nuts, and bread. Several allow us to pick them up; a couple will jump into our laps. Blessings, Dorothy

Danuta : Am sending a picture of how I solved the problem of too much California sun or rain on our girls, the awning keeps them & the coop nicely sheltered year-round & they love it!

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