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October 2011 Vol. 1

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October 2011
Vol. 1

Judy Whitley : Two Cats and a Chicken - Once upon a time we had a chicken that was setting some eggs. Two cats invaded her nest and gave birth to their kittens. It was a very crowded nest with two cats, two litters of kittens, a chicken and some eggs, so we gave the eggs to a different chicken. The chicken adopted the kittens and was quite frustrated that they would not jump out of the nest and follow her to water and scratch. The cats were happy-go-lucky and would leave the hen to babysit most of the time. One day the cats decided to move out. One by one they carried the babies to a new home. The chicken was frantically clucking after each 'theft' running after the cat and back to the nest to guard the rest of her brood. When the last kitten was gone she wandered around kind of lost, clucking pitifully. In just a few days the poor broken-hearted hen died.

It's been close to 30 years since we've had chickens, but this summer my husband cornered off the woodshed for a coop and we got 10 hens. What a joy they are! Four of them have names so far, Shorty, Snake, Chatterbox and Goldilocks. These are the ones who eat scratch out of my hand and Snake is the one that bites a bit too hard.

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