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October 2011 Vol. 1

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October 2011
Vol. 1

Pat : I read someplace about the "Deep Litter Method" and I have used it for over a year. I periodically add bales of shredded pine shavings on top of the chicken yard area and in their house. The layer of shavings is several inches deep and has decomposed into compost. The chickens scratch in it and keep it stirred and there is no odor and you really don't see many droppings (even under the roost poles). They had scratched some out around the edges of the pen last fall and I raked it up and put it around my peonies - I never had such beautiful blooms as this spring.

I also keep a fly trap on the ends of the two outside roost poles that extend out of the sides of the pen; they are a jar with a lid that lets the flies in but then can't get back out. You fill the jar about ? full of water and put about 1 tbs. of the attractant in the water. It smells awful but I don't have any flies in my chicken pen. In 2 summers I have killed millions of flies. The instructions said to bury the dead flies 6 inches deep and they make good fertilizer. I can't imagine where that many flies come from since I live in town but I don't think there should be many left in the neighborhood. I get the fly traps at a farm store in Joplin, Mo

I never thought I would cry over a chicken but, this summer was so hot and I went out and found three of my Buff Orpingtons lying in the pen dead. There were several days that got up to 110 degrees. I usually went out and sprayed their yard and house with cool water and made sure they had freah cool water but I was gone that day until late in the afternoon. I had a fan blowing at the nest box area and thought that would help inside their house but when it gets that hot I guess it just blows very hot air. It just broke my heart.

All my chickens are like pets. They meet me at the gate of their pen when I go out to take care of them. Of course, they are expecting treats from the kitchen and they like to be petted too. My garbage disposal is hardly used anymore. Pat, Carthage, Missouri

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